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Implementation is an important part of any services or solutions. Be it CAFM solutions, Facility Management or project management solution, experience in providing implementation service is critical. XCELLON FM is a company with grandeur of qualified implementing managers with technical expertise.

Project managers at Xcellon FM can develop detailed plans in sync with our maintenance and our operations staff to ensure smooth CMMS implementation. Our team brings in a high level of expertise and makes sure that our systems completely meet our client’s requirement and goals. These goals can be short term, mid-term or long term depending on the situation.

We provide the following benefits with our CMMS system implementation. This will also include implementation studies, reports to management along with a scope of work document. This scope of work document will basically define the activities that need to be carried out for the client. This document basically will be treated as a reference through out to ensure CMMS usage is optimal.

The following areas are covered under implementation process

  • Define the overall business workflow plan to complete the implementation
  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Identify differences in current procedures
  • Make recommendations for improvements moving forward
  • Define custom features to accommodate maintenance practices
  • Define data transfer, Interfaces, timelines and measurable
  • Address budgets and prepare cost estimates
  • Develop on going plan for continued system usage
  • Data Import and Data Migration from Legacy systems
  • Additional customization or development
  • Risk associated with the customization

We have years of experience in installing, implementing and maintaining CMMS. We have been able to build a great reputation with our clients by providing them with exceptional implementation plans in sync to their requirements.

XcellonFM has demonstrated capabilities of providing excellent Implementation Plans across UK and Europe . CMMS plans developed by Xcellon shows a clear understanding of the client´s goals and objectives and what will be required to make it all possible.

Alongside FM solutions, CAFM services and solutions, project management, consultancy services we also provide high end implementation of CMMS too. Contact us today with your requirements.